Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Woman Carjacked in Driveway

You may not win every time, but with a little work you can get the number very high that you will not be carjacked or kidnapped. Part of the advice is to give a description of the attacker, or attackers. One get safe is your first priority, getting distance from the problem, by even a few feet can keep you a lot safer. Staring at a guy like you are trying to get a description may set them off. Get safe first, then look. What really helps is get your husband or other males to stand by your car. Saying a guy is tall, is not all that much help, much better is he looked to be the same height as my boyfriend or son what ever. allows us all to get a better idea of the real height. Weight is the same, look at some people you know the weight of near your car, and get an idea of what weight the person is. The rest of the description is pretty much the same, as you glance at them as you are moving away, does he look like someone you know. We are not looking at a confession here, what is helpful is for you to say, the guy looked like an old boy friend, or the guy on KRGV that does the weather on Sunday. That gives everyone an idea of what the guy looks like, then you can add difference like he had longer sideburns, anything that allows police to get a better idea of what the guy looked like. The key is to stay away from perceptions that could be different to everyone. Everyone looks tall to me I am short, everyone looks thinner to me, I am fat. But if you say it looks like that crazy fat consultant Rich Roth, but had hair, or something else that was different, then anyone can really get an idea of what the guy looked like. Now if they have a vehicle, do the same a brown SUV could be a lot of cars, but an SUV like my Uncle Mikes, just older, takes away the perception problem a lot, we can look at the record and see what Uncle Mike's car was, then work on the differences, like this one had bigger wheels or was crumpled in the front end. See how it works. Now last thing, practice, when you see someone describe him to yourself, out loud actual helps, or in to a recording app on your phone. When you get used to describing people and cars, you will find that you can do it a lot easier, when something happens and our minds and emotions are all over the place. Plus the added advantage is that most of the time these folks don't just cross the street to hurt you or take your car, they spend some time watching to make sure you are an easy target. Don't be the easy target, I have interviewed attackers from purse snatchers, to full out killers, and they all took a little time, and often a lot of time watching their victims. If you are practicing, you may well notice the person long before they attack, or even seconds before they attack. In the majority of cases, the attacker will pick another target, one that is not paying enough attention. Hope this helps, be safe out there, you keeping an eye on me, makes me safer, and I will sure and keep an eye out for your safety as well.
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