Tuesday, May 5, 2015

‘Murdered’ mom cover-up implodes as report released

This is a very misguided report, it basically ignores any fact that supports the shooting. The video of her spinning around in a circle, throwing a police officer to the ground, and others jumping out of the way. Listening to the radio traffic and the sounds of the gunshots, while the car was speeding along a busy street. Officers heard over the radio and could also actually hear the shots, then saw the vehicle speeding in their direction, they had every duty to fire. This is still a tragedy, but the facts are, that the on the ground the officers dealt with a rapidly changing and dangerous situation as they had been trained. The duty was to both protect themselves and the public in the general area. They did both, and deserve our support, not some hit job journalism.
from CTI Consulting http://ift.tt/1OVwdo9

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