Saturday, July 4, 2015

ScoreBand PULSE - Compact Laser Rangefinder for Golf

For those doing protective assignments and or security surveys for clients. it is invaluable to have a device that can do quick accurate range finding. I have and still use google earth as well as a number of GPS apps, but I just tested a laser ranger finder to replace our expensive one's that have gone on the blink. This one is made for golfers but goes out 400 yards, more than enough for most blast analysis as well as basic counter sniper surveys You can also use it to range where espionage listening devices could be based on power of the devices. Less than 200 dollars, it is a 10th the cost of our old ones. If you like more professional looking versions here is on for 107$ the maker has one a little more expensive that goes out to 900 yards.
from CTI Consulting

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