Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Staggering Death Toll of Mexico’s Drug War – Drug Lord: The Legend of Shorty - FRONTLINE

This is a must read article, Mexico makes ISIS look tame, yet we expend most of our energy on the Mid East. Many political leaders cite the down trend in crime along the border as a way of saying that there is not a problem. What most do not realize these crime stats are based on FBI Uniform Crime Reporting. Even the FBI knows that these reporting forms are way out of date, and do not reflect crime we are seeing now days in a realistic way. We have a problem on the border, and it is real. Not just Mexican imigrants are a problem. The MS-13 gang one of the most violent, comes out of El Salvador and slips members in over our Southern Border everyday. Many are in this last wave of kids coming over, and get treated like them. Most know who they are, usually tattoos are found in plain site, yet under Federal Programs they are treated like any other kids. Mexico is helping to send these and Mexican criminals over on a daily basis. Mexico does not want them in their country, cost of their violence, or prison time is to much, better to send them to the US ASAP.
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