Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Authorities raid home of Valluco gang members after alleged kidnapping

First good job by Law Enforcement, I do not know anything about the "Home Invasion, Kidnapping and Extortion group" but as a citizen of the valley I am glad they are around. Good moves and thanks to the Judge that issued the warrant. I think all families in the valley should take a look at what has happen, and remember that reporting to the Police is the best chance of getting your loved one's back and protecting the rest of the family. Many families in the valley have relatives and or friends of friends that maybe part some drug or drug related business. You still need to report and report quickly when you see something that could effect the safety of your family. More mistakes have been made by drug associated criminals hitting the wrong homes, and hurting the people found there. Add to this the times a person under the control of a drug associated criminal, just gives them any address to stop their own torture or pain, or to redirect the bad guys from their homes and families. Innocent victims just multiply as we let this typ of activity happen in the USA. Lastly, I am not sure what the legal ramifications are, but it is disturbing that apparently the charges where amended from "to what turned out to be a drug deal gone bad instead of a kidnapping, said San Juan police spokesperson Sgt. Rolando Garcia" Look at what kidnapping is legally and then explain (I am not a lawyer) what would have changed this crime to a drug deal gone bad, which I am pretty sure is not in the FBI crime reporting format, from a kidnapping. Drug on Drug crime is still a crime, and innocents are often effected as well, or are caught in the crossfire of both bullets and events going on. If it is being used to help keep crime stats down, that is a wrong that the citizens of the valley need to know about.
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