Monday, August 17, 2015

Bangkok shrine explosion kills 18, including tourists -

Information is still coming in, but the bomb was not all that big, but it did go off in a crowded area near a Hindu Shrine. There have been reports of other bombs in the area, but so far nothing has shown up. A number of garbage bags on the side of the road had been considered suspect, but later had been cleared. It goes to show that keeping areas cleaned up is critical, when an area is under threat, anything can look suspicious. If you watch the bomb go off the flame around the explosion is rapidly extinguished, but there are secondary fires.
from CTI Consulting


  1. As more information comes in, the bomb is in a knapsack and is fairly large, but not all that heavy. If the two with him are trying to block people from seeing him drop the bomb, they are pretty obvious.

    The bombers movements prior to dropping the bomb do not set off a lot of warnings, but his movements after are pretty suspect. If anyone had noticed him setting down the bag and pushing it under the bench, then hurrying off, it should have set off warning bells to them. Keeping your eyes open to what is going on around you is key to your and our survival.

  2. If you watch the sky news segment, ,you can see the young man in the red shirt appears to be holding the space for the bomber on the bench, and then when the bomber shows, stands up to let him sit down and then provides a blocking movement with what appears to be another young man in a white shirt.

    As the bomber leaves the site he does pause for a second to dial into a cell phone. It is not clear if he sets off the device with the cell call, or he reports that the device is in place and someone else is setting off the device.

    Cell phone detonation is not knew AlQiada as well as the Israel Mosad have all used cell phone detonations in the past.

    Watching the young man move with the the bomb in the knapsack it does not appear to be more than 20 or 30 pounds, he is careful with it as he takes it off his back.

  3. New intel on the bombing, says that they where pipe bombs with ball bearings attached for deadly shrapnel. Both bombs where made pretty much the same, so it points to the same folks.

    Police are saying as many as 15 people involved in the bombing and 22 is the new death tally. They are pointing to redshirts, but have no proof at this time.