Friday, August 7, 2015

Cartel Cameras Could be Used on US Soil

The intel use of letting cameras stay up may have been worth more that taking them down, my hope is that the intel folks on both sides of the border got all they could before they brought them down. I am not sure this solves the problem, the cartels can use homes and business establishments to reset their surveillance I would thing rather quickly. I would think the US could have helped the Mexican authorities to install firmware changes to the routers found to allow for tracking all IP accounts logging into the camera system, this could have generated many leads, plus tell us what areas where of interest to the Cartels at what times. But I maybe ahead of myself, since they may have already done that. As this story states there is a real vulnerability of the Cartel both using cameras they install on our side of the border, as well as co-opting existing cameras not properly secured. IP camera have no real boundaries if on the Internet. Thousands of improperly secured cameras are hacked every day, there are web sites with hundreds already available to anyone with the interest. Even very well secured cameras, are vulnerable to being hacked if they have an internet connection. Many cameras are made in China, and are known to have back doors used by China to hack them, and many hackers trade this information around the dark web. In fact we have a number of instances where the security camera was hacked, not to get the picture the camera was taking but to gain entrance into secured computer systems. IP camera systems CTI has designed are specifically separate from other networked access just to try and prevent these incursions.
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