Thursday, August 6, 2015

Confronting the narcoterrorism nexus

Mr. Morganstern posted this with his thoughts on Linked in this morning. The Narco terrorism nexus is real and should be dealt with on at least the level of our ISIS threat. Incursions into the US by narcoterrorism is growing everyday. I would like to point to the present Administration as the problem, and they certainly have not helped the situation, but businesses operating transnational are also a big factor. Legal profits are still quite high and the push for higher trade numbers are hard to deny. Our Economy is effected by our trade and manufacturing with Mexico, and we all know we need a stronger economy. This is perhaps where Mr. Trump is correct though, as much as we need the trade Mexico needs it more, we need to get tougher with them on security issues. I will even agree we are the market place for the illegal drugs, but that does not in anyway excuse Mexico from facilitating the narco terrorism trade. The President of Mexico stands up in speeches in the US condemning the US for our buying drugs and mishandling his people fleeing to the US for safety and jobs. His posturing needs to be stopped, he is in charge of a failed Country, that our own DOD has stated before, and most experts around the world agree. Mexico is a proud and can be very profitable nation with all the resources it has with out the Drug trade, they just need to turn the Narco Terrorism problem around. But for Government officials the drug trade is where they get their illegal profits, not from the hard working Mexican businesses. Corruption and intimidation of Mexican Government officials at all levels is the problem, not the drug market of the US.
from CTI Consulting

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