Monday, August 10, 2015

Executive Protection Training from ESI

I will be teaching a 2 day class on Explosives and Executive Protection response and countermeasures for ESI this week. I it part of the course I taught for the US State Department Anti Terrorism Assistance Program or ATAP. as well as for the National Sheriff's Association in its High Risk Trials Program. First responders of all types need to know how to identify suspect devices and how to deal with them without endangering themselves or the public. With the Lone Wolf Terrorists going after softer targets, everyone is at risk, from mall and theater goers to riders of buses and subways. Police to Security Guards need to have a basic understanding of what they maybe dealing with. Executive Protection teams are often targeted by terrorists and assassins with explosive devices as part of their tool kit. If you have ever been to one of my classes, here is a slide I use that you may remember. For more information on ESI EP Classes here is their web site.
from CTI Consulting

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