Monday, August 10, 2015

Family seeks arrest of security guards in DeKalb mall beating

We are going to see a lot more of this, no matter which way the court rules is going to be expensive to the Mall, the Security Guard Firm, and quite possibly to the Guards themselves. If arrested, just arrested, no matter of guilt, it makes the civil suits worth more to victims, if convicted, you better have a big checkbook. One of the first issues they will look at is the training of the guards, if not compliant real issues will come up. Next will be supervision, after that Policies and Procedures. All will effect the out come. I have been an expert witness on a number of mall security guard issues. All have cost the defendants a lot of money. You need now to protect yourself. If you have any bad guys working for you, get rid of them. If they do a track of these guards and find any with a track record of violence or inappropriate actions, it will not help. Next look to make sure everyone has documented training, I would suggest you do a quick 15 min course on use of force for all guard, this means all the guards in the US. As these police violence suites go through the courts, valid or not, Lawyers are going to be looking for low hanging fruit. Your firm does not want to be one of those picked.
from CTI Consulting

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