Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Islamic State Planned to Assassinate Queen Elizabeth in Massive Bomb Attack on Ceremony Next...

Working around explosive device attacks are very dangerous, like the USSS the Brits have both Military and Civilian trained specialists to work the devices, but finding them for smaller EP teams can be a real problem. If the risk is high enough get the Protectee out of the situation, other wise you need to understand the basics of an explosive blast and adapt your search and security to the task. You can not draw and shoot your way out of this situation. Good intel and good advance work are key. The rest is having everyone on the team being trained on what a device of what size can do, and how can they set it off to accomplish the task. If they are going to hit a specific target, trip wires and motion sensors will hit bodyguards and other staff. Timers are possible for larger bombs, but them the bomb is easier to find. Remote eyes on detonation is their best hope, if a large bomb it will usually be at a motorcade. If smaller, usually at the motorcade as it is arriving or departing. Some where where the bad guys can see the target. When they can see the target is part of what you need to keep in the back of your mind. CCTV either co-opted surveillance camera or their own installed cameras will work. Watching TV feeds usually will not, to much time delay. Just some ideas, hope they help, remember trash receptacles are the number one hiding place, nothing suspect about dropping things in them. My prayers are for those teams protecting the Queen this weekend, it is a tough job.
from CTI Consulting http://ift.tt/1N1wPWh

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