Friday, August 7, 2015

Small simple alarm systems can extend the reach and presence of even a small EP team

Just received a call this morning, that a team coming thru McAllen Tx was in need of technical support for a quick stay at a hotel and then back out in a day or so. It quickly became obvious that a small alarm system was needed for the Executives suite and and an even simpler system for the command center/ hotel room next door.
A quick visit to the local Home Depo came up with the following solution a bit pricey, but at a moments notice not to bad. First a three sensor system (that can be expanded as needed) two door contacts and a motion sensor. The control unit which can are home or away which just means at night the motion sensor can be shut off and the two door contacts are still working. It also has an panic alarm button, that can also arm and disarm the alarm. The control unit can sit in the command center next door.
The second system is even simpler a motion detector with alarm and wireless control. This can cover the command center/ hotel room when everyone has to be out. Do not mount it, just set in on the floor in view of the door when it is opened, so you can see that it still works and someone has not just destroyed it and are waiting for you. When in the hotel room the same system can sit out in the hall way at night to give you a warning of someone coming, (of course you could use the USB camera system outlined in my blog)
The total cost was $127, plus batteries, and the team can take the system with them for the next stop. Actually they want to use it at the residence to cover the pool house the security team is working out of and use the small system for the car which is located in a courtyard at night.

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