Saturday, August 8, 2015

RollJam — $30 Device That Unlocks Almost Any Car And Garage Door

What every bad guy needs to know and have. Espionage agents have had access to devices like this for years, some simpler devices have made it to the black market, none for this low a price, and the average joe is not going to make this work anytime soon. Once again if you are the victim, the only thing you may notice is your car locks and alarms are once again quirky. Many folks have gone to having a turn off switch to the garage door opener, and or locking the door mechanically at times. Still others are putting separate alarm contacts on the garage door to tell if someone has used it and how many times. Of course the always usable video camera system with video detection monitoring and alarm read out will work.
from CTI Consulting

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  1. Just to be clear, this device is a high tech operation, most of the one's in Africa, EU, and even LA and NY are the 95 dollar devices that you just walk along and press the button and wait for cars to unlock, they are not targeted devices. There is also a device out there basically made for a piece of test gear for checking your remote like at a car store or lock smith shop to see if one of there devices are working. I have seen the prices for these in the 300 to 900 dollar range, and they can target cars fairly well. This RollJam device is a bit more sophisticated, and can target specific cars and garage doors. Go buy a new universal garage door opener, it is scary how they can be used to hit garages. Some garage door units saw this coming and a few had the option of programming two channels of the receiver and transmitter to open a garage door. It never really took off so now the instructions read if you want to turn on lights around your house use the other channel. But if you did use the 2nd channel to basically unlock the garage door so the second channel could open it, you would cause the hackers big problems, not un surmountable, but problems, most would not overcome. Which in security is often the key, make your client the harder target to hit, and they will often move on to another target.