Saturday, August 22, 2015

Two dead in NYC shooting

The Security Guard at the Screening checkpoint of the building was killed immediately, this is not the first time, at the Holocaust Museum in DC the Security Guard was killed at the onset of the attack. Both instances older men where the attackers. Two points, security awareness needs to include everyone, older white male attackers are not a high percentage, but are attackers. The second point is even armed, which the guard was at the Holocaust Museum, the first line of defense is vulnerable to instant unprovoked attacks, be aware, and remember going for your own gun in these situations may not be your most effective move, go after the shooter in most cases, disrupt the shot. The story is still unfolding but try and shut down access past screening to keep the shooter in the lobby area, in this case the elevators may have been or could have been turned off, to limit the shooters access to the building. In the second but unsuccessful NY attack on the tunnels and the federal building housing the FBI, the game plan was to shoot the security guard protecting access to the underground garage, and drive in. Even a policeman at these locations are vulnerable, when an unprovoked shooter walks up an immediately shoots. It is hard to keep your security awareness up all the time, but we need to try, it is often our first line of defense.
from CTI Consulting

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