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http://ift.tt/1WvUG3P I often use the US Fire Administrations Coffee Break training series to train or brief students from Police, to Corporate Security, to Security Guards on pertinent issues. This one is on Hazard and Risk Assessments, I have used this one for 5 minute roll call training as well as 30 minute to one hour training courses. The Coffee break series has evolved into it's own training series as well, with testing and certificates to include Continuing Education credits.
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The Philosophy of Security: Emergency Management Institute - Independent Study (IS) | Course List

Here are 203 free courses you can take today, if you pass the test in the end, they will send you a Certificate that shows you successfully took and passed the course, many have Continuing Education Credits included. The courses include: IS-106.15 Workplace Violence Awareness Training 2015 - (1/2/2015), IS-907 Active Shooter: What You Can Do - (10/31/2013), IS-912 Retail Security Awareness: Understanding the Hidden Hazards - (10/31/2013), and IS-906 Workplace Security Awareness - (10/31/2013) all courses every corporate security staff should have, as well as every security guard. As a good training policy every company should require all staff to take these courses, it will protect the employee's as well as the company from events we see in the press every day.
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Emergency Management Institute - Independent Study (IS) | Course List

Emergency Management Institute - Independent Study (IS) | Course List

At the moment there are 203 online courses FEMA provides, and you can take 90% of them right now, I mean right now.  There are a few that require permission from FEMA to take, for Home Land Security reasons, but most that you will ever need are available right now.  For instance :

IS-914Surveillance Awareness: What You Can Do  This is course gives you a basic capability to increase your awareness of what is going on around you to include surveillance by criminals and terrorists, prior to an attack
IS-912Retail Security Awareness: Understanding the Hidden Hazards
IS-906Workplace Security Awareness
IS-907Active Shooter: What You Can Do     Everyone needs to take this one from security to management as well as receptionists to salesmen, we all can become involved in an active shooter situation

IS-120.a - An Introduction to Exercises

FEMA has a lot of good online courses, this is one you should take the next time you have a second free. It will take you into the basics of Drills and Exercises, perhaps more important it will give you the basics of a Table Top exercise, one that every State, Local as well as Federal Agency does at least once a year. Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey,stated in an CNN interview of the Pope's security, that they did table top exercises to insure the plans in place would work. Operational testing of any plan is needed, and a table top exercise is the way to do it correctly, at least for a start. Last week at ESI's Corporate Crisis Management class, we took all the students thru table top exercises to get them use to how they really tested plans and procedures prior to an event.
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The Philosophy of Security: Teen hurt in shooting on Expressway 83, lessons to be learned

This is not the first shooting between vehicles on Expressway 83, and if we do not learn how to stop them, or at least survive them, it will continue. Here are some basics on how to survive them, as well as how to report them in time to save lives, including your own.
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Teen hurt in shooting on Expressway 83, lessons to be learned

Brownsville teen rushed to the hospital following shooting on Expressway 83 - The Monitor: Local News

When involved or think you are going to be involved in a multi vehicle shooting, try and stay in high traffic areas, and preferably be heading to the nearest Police station or place you know they are at, like an Airport.  Any time a commercial airport is open Federal regulations require a Police presence.

Do not drive at a speed higher than you  can control the car well.  Lower speeds have the same value for disrupting an attack as higher speeds, and if you can stay in control while braking and turning all the better.  Most cars can not out run other cars on either side roads or open highways, control is the issue not the top speed of the car.   Most SUV's Pickup trucks and like vehicles have roll over problems, that just get worse at higher speeds.

Control is key, if you are at high speed and the other vehicle is running at the same speed, shooting can be effective, if you are at a lower speed when you can brake or speed up at will, shooting is a much more difficult task.  It is the variable speed that makes accuracy a big issue.  Plus if you can turn even enough to change lanes with out loosing control it makes life for the shooters much tougher.  At high speeds even a lane change can cause a vehicle to lose control, higher vehicles have higher centers of gravity, and tend to lose control or roll over much easier than lower center of gravity cars.

If you see an incident coming or happening, calling the Police on 911 can be a life saver to the victim, and to all of us.   This is not the first shooting between vehicles on Expressway 83, and the faster the incident is reported the faster the people can be stopped.  Reporting even aggressive driving can save lives.  We need the bad guys to know that 83 is not a safe place to carry out an attack.

Having a multiple car accident with many innocents hurt killed even traumatized is not what we want in the valley and we have a way to get it under control, report any suspicious incident you see.  Do not put your self or others in danger, by trying to get descriptions or licence numbers, if you have them fine, but do not put yourself in danger.  If you report it, that is a good start, others can fill in more information, stay safe and we can make the RGV a safer place.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Following heroin's path from Mexico to the Midwest

This is a great story and everyone should read it, I just hope ISIS does not, just think of two pounds of Explosive hidden inside a person, and they take a laxative just after passing through screening. Now they could bomb a plane right after leaving the bathroom on the plane, or perhaps even in the terminal. This is a nightmare for the DEA and local Drug Interdiction teams, but could just as well be an FBI or TSA nightmare.
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Mexican national gets 40 years in prison for north McAllen kidnapping case

Many say these are victim-less crimes, but all to often innocent neighbors and even family members are caught up in the violence. We all need to be aware of these incidents, most do not turn out as well as this one did. Innocents get hurt even killed by just being in the proximity of these incidents, and there is no record of the psychological toll these events have on the community at large. In many cases the real crime is the fear the community has that they never know when they will get caught up in them. Security Awareness and the tried and true Homeland Security phrase of See Something, Say Something is a real defense. If we report all suspicious things we see, it will make us all safer and allow the Police to do their jobs more effectively..
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Executive Security International

If you want to be the best, train with the best
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US citizen kidnapped in Sullivan City and taken to Reynosa rescued

This is happening all to often, but my hat is off to the Mexican Authorities that conducted the rescue. We all need to stay alert to the prospect of an attack or kidnapping, I am just finishing up a two day class for ESI Corporate Security http://ift.tt/1Jpt0nI where we are teaching students how to provide high level corporate protection and security. A big part of that is keeping executive and their families aware and prepared for an event like a kidnapping. For the last two days we have worked on scenarios for executive that were under threat, and we developed plans and contingencies to protect them and the continuing operation of the Company they work at and often own. Planning for these events are a big part of keeping them safe, with out planning all we can do is react. Reynosa Mexico is about 7 miles south of my home is Texas, we see incidents like this with some regularity. According to just released records from the Mexican Government, they are on track to set new record highs for killings and kidnappings this year, please be careful in and around the border.
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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

IS-546.a - Continuity of Operations (COOP) Awareness

I have the honor of teaching a Crisis Management Course to a group of ESI http://ift.tt/1Jpt0nI Students learning more on being great Corporate Security Leaders. Here is one of the FEMA courses on the subject you can take for free, and get a certificate from FEMA on. Every medium to large company needs to have a COOP plan for staying in business during and after a Crisis.
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Home - Security Contracting Jobs

Great site, it should help a lot of folks in the field, wish you the best
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September 21, 1976: Chilean Exile Orlando Letelier Is Assassinated in Washington, D.C.

This bomb was on a cookie sheet pan taped under the car, it had been there for three days. It was installed in the victims driveway with a pager as the actuator. I was able to question the bomber, to ask why he used a diode across the speaker terminals. He thought the detonator would only work in a DC current, which was not true. This bomber was on a multi country killing assignment, and was in Fla, at a security school when the Cubans he paid, set it off. Mr. Letlier tried to speak to the UD Secret Service Officer that responded, but bled out with his legs blown off. The person in the passengers seat died outside the car from internal bleeding, it is thought from shrapnel. Her husband in the back seat was blown out the rear window and lived. Many years later I was involved in an expert witness case with a vehicle bomb about 3 miles away, actually along the route the victim used in this bombing. I was asked if this type of attack should have been anticipated from past events. My reply was no, since I had worked the last attack almost 20 years before, and it was totally different.
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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Over 10M Consumers’ Personal Info Stolen In Latest Health Insurer Data Breach

The number of people affected by health insurance data breaches so far this year stands at around 100 million.
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3D-printed TSA master keys put travellers' luggage at risk

This TSA approved lock is a bit of a problem in itself. The vast majority of these locks can be bypassed by even amateur criminals very easy. They are made to keep honest people honest, it does nothing against criminals. Most bags that have a zipper on them can be opened and closed back again by a simple writing pen. The combination lock shown here can be opened by shining a light at the side of the number wheel and looking for the flat spots showing at the base. The bad news is even door locks can be beaten very easy and I am talking about very expensive door locks. It would be more work to make the key with the 3 d printer, and actually could lead to your arrest in some areas of the US.
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