Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September 21, 1976: Chilean Exile Orlando Letelier Is Assassinated in Washington, D.C.

This bomb was on a cookie sheet pan taped under the car, it had been there for three days. It was installed in the victims driveway with a pager as the actuator. I was able to question the bomber, to ask why he used a diode across the speaker terminals. He thought the detonator would only work in a DC current, which was not true. This bomber was on a multi country killing assignment, and was in Fla, at a security school when the Cubans he paid, set it off. Mr. Letlier tried to speak to the UD Secret Service Officer that responded, but bled out with his legs blown off. The person in the passengers seat died outside the car from internal bleeding, it is thought from shrapnel. Her husband in the back seat was blown out the rear window and lived. Many years later I was involved in an expert witness case with a vehicle bomb about 3 miles away, actually along the route the victim used in this bombing. I was asked if this type of attack should have been anticipated from past events. My reply was no, since I had worked the last attack almost 20 years before, and it was totally different.
from CTI Consulting http://ift.tt/1V58Aax

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