Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Teen hurt in shooting on Expressway 83, lessons to be learned

Brownsville teen rushed to the hospital following shooting on Expressway 83 - The Monitor: Local News

When involved or think you are going to be involved in a multi vehicle shooting, try and stay in high traffic areas, and preferably be heading to the nearest Police station or place you know they are at, like an Airport.  Any time a commercial airport is open Federal regulations require a Police presence.

Do not drive at a speed higher than you  can control the car well.  Lower speeds have the same value for disrupting an attack as higher speeds, and if you can stay in control while braking and turning all the better.  Most cars can not out run other cars on either side roads or open highways, control is the issue not the top speed of the car.   Most SUV's Pickup trucks and like vehicles have roll over problems, that just get worse at higher speeds.

Control is key, if you are at high speed and the other vehicle is running at the same speed, shooting can be effective, if you are at a lower speed when you can brake or speed up at will, shooting is a much more difficult task.  It is the variable speed that makes accuracy a big issue.  Plus if you can turn even enough to change lanes with out loosing control it makes life for the shooters much tougher.  At high speeds even a lane change can cause a vehicle to lose control, higher vehicles have higher centers of gravity, and tend to lose control or roll over much easier than lower center of gravity cars.

If you see an incident coming or happening, calling the Police on 911 can be a life saver to the victim, and to all of us.   This is not the first shooting between vehicles on Expressway 83, and the faster the incident is reported the faster the people can be stopped.  Reporting even aggressive driving can save lives.  We need the bad guys to know that 83 is not a safe place to carry out an attack.

Having a multiple car accident with many innocents hurt killed even traumatized is not what we want in the valley and we have a way to get it under control, report any suspicious incident you see.  Do not put your self or others in danger, by trying to get descriptions or licence numbers, if you have them fine, but do not put yourself in danger.  If you report it, that is a good start, others can fill in more information, stay safe and we can make the RGV a safer place.

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