Friday, September 25, 2015

US citizen kidnapped in Sullivan City and taken to Reynosa rescued

This is happening all to often, but my hat is off to the Mexican Authorities that conducted the rescue. We all need to stay alert to the prospect of an attack or kidnapping, I am just finishing up a two day class for ESI Corporate Security where we are teaching students how to provide high level corporate protection and security. A big part of that is keeping executive and their families aware and prepared for an event like a kidnapping. For the last two days we have worked on scenarios for executive that were under threat, and we developed plans and contingencies to protect them and the continuing operation of the Company they work at and often own. Planning for these events are a big part of keeping them safe, with out planning all we can do is react. Reynosa Mexico is about 7 miles south of my home is Texas, we see incidents like this with some regularity. According to just released records from the Mexican Government, they are on track to set new record highs for killings and kidnappings this year, please be careful in and around the border.
from CTI Consulting

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