Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Capture of Gulf Cartel boss sparks weekend of violence in Tamaulipas

This is the problem, in a second a fairly normal day can turn into open warfare, with bullets flying from Government Authorities, and multiple Cartel factions. Yes this happens in Chicago and other cities in the US. The difference is vast, in the US I can advise People in danger to go to a Police Station, or even call Police for response in their homes. This is not the case in Mexico, you can get shot running to a Police Station during incidents, and the Police will not respond to calls for help, either because they are overwhelmed, or afraid they would be walking into an ambush. This article and plea by the Mayor, tells you to stay inside, what it does not say is that you can be hit by bullets in your own home, or by fragmentation from the grenades both sides have and use. It also does not talk about the fact both Police and Cartel fighters use homes and stores to hide and shoot from. Which after this fight is over, leaves the home or shop owner open to retaliation from the other side to include Police. Please do not listen to our City Official’s on the US side of the border, that say it is safe over the border, if this altercation happen across from Brownsville, the same will happen in Reynosa, since the Plaza Bosses in Matamoros and Reynosa are in the same turf war. It could turn into gun battle in Reynosa at any second. The truly sad news is this incident seems to have been started by Law Enforcement in Mexico doing a good thing capturing or killing a young Cartel boss. For the problems in Mexico to end this will have to happen a lot. Mexico needs to let the citizens of Mexico arm themselves to protect their homes and shops during these incidents.
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