Tuesday, October 27, 2015

China's Military Built with Cloned Weapons - USNI News

The good news is that China is buying and stealing technology not just from the US, but they pick and chose getting the best from all sides. With the big carrot of being a huge market for goods from a country, many countries sell them priceless technology, in hopes that the big stick of them using it on them does not come about. Israel has reportedly sold a lot of technology to China, some say the Silk Worm missile system we allowed Israel to make in Israel, was changed slightly and then sold to China, for some trade concessions. But the common factor is that stealing and buying technology is much cheaper and faster than developing their own. That is not to say they do not make improvements to the technology they get. Sometimes pretty good improvements, other times like the Soviets they make changes that do not improve as much as they make it easier and less costly to manufacture. The Soviets, now Russians made so many shortcuts to much of their technology that little things like quality went to hell. Rockets that are so ill made that they have virtually no direct guidance, like the rockets that they shot from their ships in the Mid East that missed their marks, by hundreds of miles. Still they the Chinese now the Soviets then build huge stockpiles of weapons, perhaps more of a deterrent that a force factor, perhaps a bit of both. Basically we are seeing a Chinese weapons buildup with out a lot of the development costs the US and other Western European countries have to use. It also should be pointed out with out the time factor used to develop and test weapons before initial deployment. Lastly these weapons are being sold to other countries that are in actual combat, or at minimum confrontation with USA.
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