Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Four men arrested in connection to a home invasion, two still at large

Good Job to all the Deputies, Police, and Federal Agents that helped bring these 4 under arrest. It will be interesting to see what records they have, and why they targeted this home. With 6 people involved in this attack team, I cannot help but wonder how they operated under the eyes of all of us, and none of us noticed anything. We really need to understand this attack, so that we all know what to look for in the future. When 6 people feel comfortable enough to gather together to set up an attack like this, someone should have noticed and said something. Family members and friends of these attackers had to know something was going on, yet no one said anything. At a minimum there needs to be charges brought if it can be reasonably shown they, the family or friends, knew something and did not report it. Police and Sheriff’s Departments in the Valley need to provide community outreach and training on what to look for, and how to report suspect activity without putting themselves in danger. Perhaps the new Hidalgo District Attorney, who has proven to be very proactive in other areas can conduct this training. Attackers like this, with the arms they have, are going to get into a situation where they feel the need to start firing and or grabbing hostages. The valley has been very lucky so far, but at some point one of these attackers is going to fight, and a lot of innocents as well as law enforcement are going to get hurt or worse. Listening to the community we have all heard of these types of incidents that never get reported, for fear of reprisal, It is imperative that every one of these incidents gets reported and the Police and our City Fathers are on record of every one of these incidents. Justsayin.
from CTI Consulting

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