Wednesday, October 28, 2015

From the minds of Psychopaths: How not to be a victim

This is an article that one should read, it is rarely that an article like this comes out giving people the real information on victimization. It just is not politically correct to say we maybe part of our own problem, that the way we move and act and yes even dress at times can be part of our own victimization. More study is being done on this issue, but once again, the biggest problem is Political Correctness. We in this day and age always want to point to someone or something as the reason for us being a victim. At some point we need to start taking responsibility for what is going on around us. If you read the article, one thing should jump out at you, that is that people that are aware of what are going on around themselves, do not fit the profile, and that is key to not be a victim in many cases. Read and think it is true. Psychopathy and Victim Selection: The use of Gait as a Cue to Vulnerability, Journal of Interpersonal Violence, Angela Book, PhD, Kimberly Costello, PhD, and Joseph A. Camilleri, PhD, 2013
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