Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Mexican Soldiers Kill a Kidnapping Victim, Then Label Him a Cartel Hitman to Cover it Up | VICE News

This is such a tragedy, and made only worse by the possible cover up by Authorities. Yes, if the authorities killed the young man by mistake when trying to rescue hostages it is once again a tragedy, but during a raid on a Cartel stronghold things happen quickly and since the authorities are usually out gunned by the Cartels, shooting first is often their only chance of surviving a gun battle. In situations like these, you can point to possible poor planing and or poor training, of a situation that just got out of the control very fast. But it would appear the cover up seems to be the real problem. Rescuing hostages is always dangerous to the rescuers and the hostages, standing up, even with his hands up may not be your best move. Hitting the ground and waiting for the gun fire to stop is a better move. When bullets are flying everyone is reacting, and perhaps the young man was not even shot at, but got hit by a stray bullet. But the cover up is problematic in any case. This is just another problem of the lawlessness in Mexico.
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