Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Narco-Terror: Secret Recording of Gulf Cartel Reveals Talk of Using Car Bombs Near Texas Border

An analysis of the recent car bombings in Mexico has reviled the method and style of the attacks used so far, that can be used by teams trying to develop mitigation plans against them. At this point most car bombs used would be more aptly described as Bombs In Cars. The majority have been placed in the trunk of cars, a few have been placed in the bed of pickup trucks. The average bomb is between 10 and 20 pounds, very small next to bombs used in the Mideast and even used in the US. They have stolen explosives in the past from mining operations in Mexico, with the largest theft recorded so far was less than 300 pounds so, and that could be traced to a number of 10 to 20 pound bombs detonated with in the year of the thefts. It would advantageous to get any reporting on additional thefts of explosives in Mexico. A bomb of the size of 270 pounds has apparently been discussed in the past, which is still a far cry from the few thousand pound bombs in the US both in New York and Oklahoma. Still the use of a 270 pound bomb in Mexico would be rather large jump for the Narco Terrorists in Mexico. But if one is talked about, it can be certain that the ability to make and detonate one in Mexico is possible. The Cartels are buying Claymore type mines, and thousands of grenades have been bought and found in Mexico, as well as used in various attacks. Many of these munitions are coming from Central and South American, or stolen from the Mexican Army. The grenades used and found so far seem to be mainly Korean in make, and the Cartels are not really comfortable with their use, with a good percentage of them thrown without the arming devices being properly activated. The use of wireless activation of the devices has progressed over the years, from using remote control units from high end toys and RF Model devices, to the last devices being fairly sophisticated remote use of Cellular phones, much like the ISIS and Al Qada devices used around the world. In fact it was considered a possibility the Mid East Terrorist groups had helped the Cartels develop them, but now the talk is trainers from ex US and Israel Special forces have trained some Cartel bomb makers on the use of Cell phone activation. I would think protection teams, could expect to find these types of activation used in any new bombings. Tactically, it appears that bombings are occurring with armed gunmen either prior or just after an explosion. Much like they have done with the grenade attacks that have been used so often. US Army analysts as well as other US Government agencies seem to think, larger bombings in the thousand pound range, even thought it is expected the Cartels could get their hands on these larger amounts of explosives, will not happen for fear the US would be then asked by the Mexican Government to intervene, something the Cartels do not want. So in conclusion a threat exists for Cartels to use more car bombs or bombs in cars, they will probably be in the 10 to 20 pound range, and usually hidden in the trunks of cars. The detonation will most likely be by a cell phone rigged to provide a current to electric blasting caps, which over 300 have been stolen in the last few years. The attack will be more likely to target police and other cartels, with limited deaths anticipated, but will usually coincide with an armed attack just prior to or after the bombing. The US War Collage has developed this report on Mexico car bombing which you can down load for free. http://ift.tt/1XvOQje
from CTI Consulting http://ift.tt/1ORC4do


  1. sing AT Blast, a blast program provided to all ESI students, at 20 feet from the 20 pound bomb, based on TNT as the explosive, the incident pressure wave will be around 17.72 psi. So fragmentation will be the real killer, so maintaining cover between you and the suspect vehicle is critical. Even another vehicle you can hide behind should be effective enough, if you stay low and if possible keep moving away from the suspect device.

  2. Remember the armed attack that usually coincides with these Cartel attacks, once the team is out of the blast zone, and has significant cover from the fragmentation. Be on the look out for armed attackers, they may not being targeting you and your team, but getting into the cross fire of a Cartel hit team can be just as deadly.

  3. The Juarez Cartel had used car bombs and they learned quickly that things would go really bad as the Mexican and US government would also up the counter attacks. Are they capable of doing it? Yes. Do they actually have the intentions? I don't think so. There is a factor that could actually push them to do it. The top one is the lack of real leadership on the top. This could spell trouble since the guys on the radio could take their own action without consulting the top leadership.

  4. Rich, the head of the gulf cartel just posted a narco manta stating he will not be called a terrorist and that the guy in the radio is just a sicario and not anyone able to do that. he also threatened pena nieto. Comandante Toro is the new guy. https://youtu.be/TrhieV_m0yQ