Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Seeing through WALLS using Wi-Fi

This technology has been in use for quite a bit of time, perhaps it was classified, but the actual process is pretty much the same as one version of the whole body scanner TSA uses. TSA is involved in research and actual development using more technology along this line. The neat thing is by using the paper attached, a lot of techies out there can do pretty much the same. It is a start, and by the way it is safer than x-rays. Now the technology is great, but just think, just a thought, but can we be doing this in our minds even now. Have you ever perceived a person on the other side of a wall? But back to the technology, the biggest problem for it is that there is so much WIFI energy out and about every where. So WIFI signals are bouncing off things from all directions as we move about. Sort of the same problems x-ray machines have, they are using lower and lower amounts of energy to do their jobs, and the sensors or detectors are getting so much better, the shielding for an x-ray machine is not for us as much as to keep the x-rays all around us from fogging up the picture of the x-ray.
from CTI Consulting

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