Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Snowden: US, UK spies 'want to own your phone' , so does China....

Snowden: US, UK spies 'want to own your phone' | TheHill

I still cannot get over how stupid this kid is, he is staying in Russia, was in China and is complaining about the US and UK spying going on.   Wake up kid, you went to the two biggest privacy violators of their own people as well as the US and UK, to complain, they are both still laughing at you, and the US and UK, mainly the US.

The US does collect a lot of data, I mean a lot of data, we are the best at it.  But China is coming up quickly, and Russia is a close third.  Now let me ask this question of the three mentioned, the US, China, and Russia who do you think would use the data to hurt people the most.  Hmm, well it is certainly not the US you fool.

If a Chinese or Russian agency could see an advantage to letting someone know about information they had, would they use it, damm right.  If an agent from one of those agencies could make use of the info to increase his or her standing in life would they, once again right, if they thought they could get away with it, and if it did not hurt the Mother country, it would not be a real problem anyhow.  Now in the US if you get caught using our databases for even checking up on your ex-wife's new boy friend, you will get fired.

Your biggest worry you sorry sod, is that if the US agrees to take you back, the Russians or Chinese will kill you.  Right now the US has to worry about what you could have told them, or they got out of the data you have or had with you.  Since the US does not know, they have to wrap up a lot of ongoing cases, as do a lot of our allies that you may have information about.   Most are home and hopefully safe now, but many are still worried about family back in hostile countries.  

The Russians and Chinese are laughing because they know we have to think worst case and have scuttled most if not all our overseas espionage and some in country espionage case work.  If you Snowden, you little worm, gets back.  We may find out they did not get some of our trade craft or technology capabilities. Which means we can put them back on line, not good for Ivan your host, or the Chinese, so guess what the best deal for them, is for you to have a big accident before getting back into US custody.  Now there is the possible chance, they think you can not hurt them, but it is so slight a chance they will discount it.

If they get the chance it will happen in a third county so the blame can not be placed on them.  They know the US will not want your death on their hands, so the US is probably out.  I would say be careful, but that would mean I care.

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