Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Texas Border Schools on Lockdown as Police Search for Armed Narco-Crew

This type of heavily armed home invasions here in the Rio Grande Valley is getting to be a monthly if not weekly event. Most are not reported to the police since both the offender and the victim are part of the drug trade. In some cases the attacks are because of money owed, other times it is one Cartel Faction raiding another. As the article states in the past innocents have been killed or injured either by stray gun fire, or just raiding the wrong home. People keep their heads down when this type of attack happens for fear of retribution by the Cartels, yes here in Texas USA, people live in fear of being a witness to one of these events, or being caught in the cross fire. No this fear will not show up in any crime stats, but it is very real, and a fact of life for many US Citizens here on the border. We all need to report these events or have a friend report these events anonymously so we can get some action taken on the problem. As it continues more and more innocents are going to be victims of the violence, and then what will the City Fathers who keep saying we are all safe here, say then? As in most cities the poorest of the poor are the victims and also are the witnesses to this type of event. Most of the reporting is what is overheard between citizens talking between each other. It always starts with please do not tell anyone, I do not want to be killed myself, and then the story is told of rapes, of attacks, of even people taken over the border and killed to avenge some wrong a Cartel member living in the US thinks has been done to him or his crew.
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