Friday, October 9, 2015

Texas Rep Cuellar uses bogus numbers to make what point?

FBI numbers show border cities’ murder rate smaller than bigger metro cities - The Monitor: Local News

U.S. Rep. Cuellar, D-Laredo, knows these numbers are inaccurate, the FBI knows these numbers are inaccurate as well, FBI crime stats do not even cover many of the crimes we face in the valley, for that matter all over the border. To stand up and make a political play with these numbers at best shows he is out of touch with the people he represents, or a worst is trying to put more of his constituency in danger.

This FBI numbers problem was addressed in a well written security assessment of Texas done by the DPS back in 2013. This report should be what Rep. Cuellar should be shouting from the mountain top. This shows the real danger facing Texas, and the Border Towns. Here is a link to the DPS report, which I used in a UTPA conference on security, Rep.Cuellar should have been there and heard from the Students on how safe they feel.

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