Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Philosophy of Security: Gulf Cartel members arrested; several more wanted in connection with...

I think this should erase any more comments from our City Fathers that the Cartels are not active on our side of the border. We have people watching the movie Sicario, not understanding that some of these killers are positioned on our side of the border, and live among us. We need to understand that these criminals are here, and active. Just because a hardened criminal comes across the border, they do not shed their stripes, they are still criminals, and look to band with people on this side of the border in keeping them safe, and working as enforcers. In many cases they (the Cartels) use gangs on this side of the border to carry out these enforcer activities. As shown in this blog earlier this use of gangs by the Cartels in virtually all over the USA. In most cases the Cartels have left both the sales and a lot of the operations to the Gangs. What is more dangerous here is that the Cartel feels both the need and that they are secure enough to operate as the Cartel on our side of the Border. We have lost American Citizens by this Cartel violence right on the same expressway this shoot out occurred, Caught in the cross fire of two sets of shooters in pickup trucks. Hopefully with this type of Law Enforcement action, we can bring it to a halt.
from CTI Consulting

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