Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Threats against our clients is a serious thing, not something to play with. Learning how to deal with bomb threats and suspect mail and packages is critical to keeping our clients safe. 90% plus of bomb threat phone calls are fraudulent, but that fact a person is threatening a person, place, or business needs to be addressed seriously. Learning how to do so is critical for all our safety. One phone threat last year made a firm evacuate all of it's facilities in three States, learning to evaluate and in many cases find the caller is part of a bomb threat class. It alone can prepare you for a bomb threat, and the legal and operational problems associated with it.

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  1. Briefing and developing Threat Plans is just a part of being an Executive Protection Agent. All ESI students upon completing their training can help clients develop a positive response to threats of all types, to include bombs.http://www.esibodyguardschool.com/