Saturday, October 24, 2015

Three Hours of Terror Near Texas Border as Cartel Firefight Sets Border City Ablaze

Reynosa the safe city across from McAllen Texas, as the City Fathers on both sides of the border state so often. Even the Mayor of Reynosa had to put out warnings to the Citizens on social media about areas of the City being taken over in open warfare between the Cartels and the Mexican Federal Police and Military. Now the good news is the Cartels are being attacked, the bad news in this type of violence is going to be happening for quite a while. When ever you let Criminals get a foot hold like this, it takes a lot of violence to root it out. Our hope is that these criminals on our side of the border, will never get to this point, all though it would appear they have attack teams and leaders on our side. Gangs are the principal enforcers, ie attackers on our side of the border, but they can be as ruthless if not more ruthless than the Cartels they support. But still the Cartels have and often send addtional teams of Cartel enforcers, or Sicario's as the movie just out calls them.
from CTI Consulting

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