Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Very Basic Espionage Awareness

CTI keeps getting asked about old school espionage attempts, it really has not changed much.  There has to be a path of some type to get the information voice, data, temperature in the room not to mention video out.   The problem is there are a lot of paths, our computers and cell phones are probably the most often used now days, but old school and new technology exist together in this brave new world.

But here is the basics, and we will go on from there.  Hope it helps give you all a start.


  1. Wires into your home and office are often exploited for Espionage attacks, take for instance the land line telephone wires, which many homes now days do not use, Because of cell phone use and or cable or internet based phones. These unused wires are normally still running into your home and office, just waiting for someone to attach even a simple microphone to them to gather all conversations in the home or office. This simple espionage attack is so effective, I know of one that has been in use for over 30 years in a foreign country. Just disconnecting these wires could easily foil an espionage attack against you or your client. But there are other wires to worry about as well.

  2. Just so you know if you have been out looking at the phone wires coming into your home or office. The phone company usually runs 4 to 6 wires into your home, each phone line takes two wires, so even if you have a land line phone into your facility there are free lines the espionage agent can use, just to make life worse, the bad guy can use the two wires going to the actual phone if you have one to listen in to both your phone conversations as well as what is going on inside the home or office. Phone defeats are like Espionage 101, I have found over 30 of them over the years from the Federal Govt, to Fortune 50 companies being bought out, but also some very high level divorces and fairly low income divorces. Wire taps of some type is one of the first things Espionage agents are taught.