Monday, October 5, 2015

When dealing with an explosive device, these three things are your best chance at increasing your odds of surviving the incident. Distance: every foot you can get away from the device your chances of surviving it go up. For a small bomb say under 10 pounds every foot you can move away, increases your chances of survival from the Blast Pressure effects by 4 ( I can move quite a few feet in a second) Get Something between you and the blast: anything helps, but the more substantial the better, shrapnel or fragmentation is like a bullet, it just often moves at a much higher speed. Rule of thumb, if you can see the bomb, fragmentation can hit you. Get down and away from the blast, and scream, that last one is pretty easy but does help. If you are down and away from the blast, both the pressure and the fragmentation could pass over you. Plus if there are other bodies on the ground they will also provide protection from the pressure and fragmentation.

via CTI Consulting

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