Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Why Drug Cartels Are Stealing Mexico's Fuel

Because it is where the money is. Mexico has the ability to be a major player in the Fuel Industry, and actually tax and fund major programs for the people of Mexico, but instead the corrupt practices of the local and federal government is lining their pockets. Since it is harder to steal the funds from its own Government, it allows the Cartels to steal the fuel, and then they pay the Government Officials through the same conduits setup to pay them off for the drug and other money heavy crimes the Cartels already have. Drugs are not the main money source for the Cartels anymore, extortion of any company or product that resides in their turf, to include Oil and Gas. The Zeta's has bought up a lot of Gas Stations near the border, and some say even over the border in the US to keep the profits from the gas and oil thefts, and launder the money at the same time. Once again the big loser is the people of Mexico, who should be seeing a better life with all the fuel under them. Instead the Government is caving to the Cartels to get them the lion's share of the money.
from CTI Consulting

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