Friday, November 27, 2015

26/11 terror attacks: 7 years on — ‘Like Mumbai, Paris does not want to relive terror’

No country wants this type of attack to occur in their cities. The numbers involved in the Mumbai attack where more, but the biggest difference was the Police Response. The Paris Police where going into action much faster than what happen in Mumbai. The Police in Mumbai took many hours to get into the attack, they actually watched the attackers at one hotel for hours on security cameras go in and out of rooms and killing people. The Paris response was much faster. The attackers in Paris it would seem had about the same amount of training, and they may have had a little better weaponry, but Paris like most big cities had learned from Mumbai and the Westgate Mall attack in Africa. The response and the training of the responders was faster and better. The bigger cities in the USA have probably even better responses and have trained against this Mumbai attack scenario with the almost certain knowledge that it will happen here. Paris had the Headbro attack to really let them know that the cell's were active in the area, but the cross border problem with the bad guys could not be resolved, still have not. We in the USA do not have quite the same cross boarder problems, but we do have a huge internal cell issue of people here in the USA either immigration, or grew up here and radicalized in their basements. It may take an outsider like a Ramsy Youseff, to come in and help close the plan for the attack, but then if needed, one person passing through immigration is not a real problem. We have a problem, but we have also better response capabilities, at least in our major cities. It is the smaller ones that maybe our soft spot, and I am sure the bad guys are looking for them. Soft targets are the name of the day, and there are so many that to cover them all is impossible. It will be the response that makes us the winners here, that and the wrapping up of cells afterwords.
from CTI Consulting

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