Sunday, November 8, 2015

Calls for new era of airport security after Sinai terror

All the Experts should just take a deep breath, we need to know more about the situation. There is no surprise that ISIS or any other terrorist group would like to blow up a plane. It is the holy grail of targets for terrorist groups, it gives them two goals right off. One it kills a lot of people and makes everyone that flies on a plane afraid. Two, the world has spend billions on securing the aviation system in the world, so to down a plane after that makes us all look weak, and the terrorists love that. There is also no surprise that in many countries of the world most of the people handling your baggage as well as the maintenance of the planes, are followers of Islam. Now this is not a problem 90% of the time but in doing the background investigations the experts are going to advise we redo of all the airport workers in the world, it may become a problem. For all the expertise in the world the ability to see inside each persons head is just not there yet. But as the experts will say, we can tell a lot by interviewing them all, perhaps enough, probably not. But what makes it even harder is that just after you have interviewed the person, is they now may decide you do not trust them. Now you have a real problem, vetted individuals are now in place and they may not be on your side in a moment. Now what, I am not sure. Many of the folks in the Egyptian society have been very poor and very abused for a long time. The Muslim Brotherhood is a part of the society and have been in power before. When in power they inserted their people in every segment of the government. This includes the Aviation Departments of the country. It also includes the Police and the Military, so getting weapons or the know how to use them is also not a problem. Now a lot of the people they are going to use to re check these people for backgrounds may also be from the Muslim Brotherhood. Now what does that mean, it is not certain. But for anyone to think that it is going to be a total solution to re check all the employees is just kidding themselves. Next the screening equipment used at this airport, here is a dirty little secret, to insure that the bad guys do not know how to beat the new systems, many of the airports that may have bad guys working at them, we do not want them to have the equipment, so they often do not have the best of the equipment available. They know this, but continually try and get hold of the best equipment so that can try and develop ways around it. What the solution to this aviation security incident is, is not clear, but throwing lots of money at it is not going to do much, it will make people feel better perhaps but not make the system safer by any measurable means. Governments feel they need to do something, they have to make the Citizens feel like they have control, so they will. It should be an interesting Holiday season.
from CTI Consulting

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