Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Cartel boss states ‘We are not terrorists’ using narco banners throughout Reynosa

Me thinks the Gulf Cartel Terrorist Plaza boss doth protest too much? Unlike many of my colleagues I do not think he would link up with an ISIS, personally I think most if not all Cartel folks dislike Mideastern terrorists as much as we all do. I think most Neo Nazi groups should fear Cartel’s more than I, right up to the point their value as weapons procurers or drug mules are not worth it. But terrorize they (the cartels) and he does, and do, claim all the business protection violence you want, it does terrorize people on both sides of the border. As for explosives, yes I believe you have and will use them to push your agenda, so once again you are a terrorist. As to the Police and Government authorities you claim are as bad as you, I will not disagree, but you have made the bed you have to deal with. Your oh so romantic offer of choice Silver or Lead, has claimed most if not all the good folks, and you are left with the ones you have corrupted. Once again you are a terrorist, perhaps a petty terrorist, but still a terrorist.
from CTI Consulting

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