Thursday, November 19, 2015

Chief Suspect in Paris Attacks Died in Raid, France Says

Master Mind is dead, he is the Master Mind of 4 failed attempts to include the Train from Brussels to Paris, where his attack dog. could not even charge the weapon correctly, nor apparently clear it. That is the good news, the real bad news is, that his push to the top was built on a lot of deaths, his smiling face in the jeep being shown on TV a lot is when he is dragging bodies from killed Christians in Syria chained to his bumper. Now there are a lot of bad guys over in Syria that have done bad things like this, and unfortunately most will probably be a lot better at being Master Minds than him. Which reminds me, it would probably be a good idea if you have never held or put a clip into an AK-47 find a friend or gun shop that has a Russian, or Chinese version of the weapon to handle for a second. Not the super built version we see around, that are highly advanced versions, the old tried and true version. It is not all that well built, but is cheap requires very little maintenance, normally. This Master Mind seemed to find a few old AK's that misfired, like on the train, and outside the cafe in Paris. The cost of an AK-47 out of South and Central America, where the Russian (former Soviets) and Chinese dumped these on Marxist Rebels by virtually the ton, is less than 100 dollars, in fact around high 60's dollars to high 80's dollars most of the time. They also dumped ammunition on these rebels by the ton as well,in Palestine you often judged how the tunnel traffic was going by the cost of the bullets. After the break up of the Soviet Union, even more of these weapons where shopped by, former Soviet, gun runners to every hot spot in the world (we have a few of these gun runners from the US as well) ok ok more than a few, Now these weapons go normally in the $150 range, but are not in any better shape than the ones dumped by the Communists over the years. But will fire quite well. If you happen to down one of these terrorists with your hand gun, you may want to know how to fire his auto, or semi auto weapon to go protect yourself from other shooters with heavy weapons. Justsayin.
from CTI Consulting

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