Thursday, November 19, 2015

Conversation: Analyzing the Bomb Making Skills of the Paris Attackers

I think he is right on. I always have a problem when I hear professionals using TATP. It is never used when almost anything else is available. In a war zone it is far to easy to get military based explosives, and the chance of a malfunction is far far less. In the case of the Paris bombers it is very lucky for them that the devices did not go off during their movement while shooting. Any Police shooting into them would have set this stuff off in a second. Remember as the TATP ages and aging is like days if not hours, it dries and can go off by sitting down, or it can separate and not go off at all. Chief Bratton on the first night was rightly concerned about his Police moving around a person with a TATP suicide bomb on them. Moving against a shooter is one thing, moving against a bomb on a shooter, than can go off by the policeman hitting the bad guy is something to make you pause and think for a second, and in a active shooting situation pausing can make you dead, or more victims dead.
from CTI Consulting

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