Monday, November 2, 2015

Defensible Space, By Mr. Newman, the beginnings of CPTED

This was a real thought breakthrough for Designing Communities just a little more less attractive to Crime.  A huge number of communities even countries are using CPTED principals as a standard for all new Construction.  In Canada, and the Land Down Under, as well as the State of  Florida and Counties in States, like Fairfax County in Virginia, all new public buildings have to have at minimum a review by a CPTED practitioner of new plans and to some extent retrofits to new buildings.

As Countries, States, and Communities, not to mention you and I look for ways to make available money go further, CPTED can be a good start.  CPTED looks to use passive built in design to reduce the need for more expensive Crime Control Measures.

One of the most basic is to design areas so that many people can see what is going on, so criminals know they are being watched, or could be.

Another is to use our internal territoriality mindset to make us responsible for the areas under our use, and to some extent control.  Even a painted line on a sidewalk can separate our area from the folks looking to cause problems.  It has been found even keeping that line well painted and maintained can be a big part of keep our area safer.

Many crime control measures fail because of maintenance costs, CCTV for instance costs X amount of money to install, but also X times point 15% to maintain.   Now check to cost of painting and maintaining the line.  So part of CPTED is keeping maintenance costs low.  One way to do this is by using low wattage long lasting lighting like LED systems.  Higher cost to install, but use far less energy and last up to 25 times the life of more normal lighting.   Many communities have found the LED light vendors will offer payment plans that lower the initial costs and then allow payments from the energy costs saved over say 5 years.

There are lots of detractors to Defensible Space methods, like CPTED, but almost all are based on a belief that CPTED claims to eliminate crime, it does not, but I do not thing a person can point to a situation where it did not help.

If nothing else this book is a great reference book for your Security Library.

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