Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Doomed Russian airliner broke up at high altitude: Officials

The latest report today is that TATP explosive residue was found on the downed Russian plane. They are saying the device had the equivalent of 2.2 pounds of TNT, ,which as my ESI Bomb Class students know is a explosive factor of one. Extrapolated to a TATP explosive with a factor of nominally .83. Means the actual bomb was around 2.63 pounds of TATP, this gives us a pretty good idea of what the size of the bomb was. You still have to add to this the size of the battery and detonation system. Still it could easily fit in a three pound package. Considering the device that brought down the PaAm flight over Scotland, was Iess than 1 pound, around 11 ounces was the amount reported. The bomb in the Russian plane was a bit bigger. It's considered that any bomb even approaching 1 pound could be found pretty easily by either hand carried, or checked bag screening. If the screeners and equipment was at a level of the TSA. This all agrees with the latest assumption that the device probably didn't go through screening, but was placed by ground crews. Or as it was feared an insider attack.
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