Thursday, November 19, 2015

EXCLUSIVE -- REPORT: 8 Syrians Caught at Texas Border in Laredo

I am not sure this case is the ,one, but it probably is part of how it is going to happen, or has happen. Perhaps the dirty little secret is that Canada was, still is to some extent, the actual pathway for the bad guys. Now the amount coming over the border from Mexico is huge, so being able to pass a group, or a "Master Mind" for ISIS or AQ is quite possible, perhaps even probable, and could have happen. He ,the Master Mind, would be briefed to present as a Mexican, so he could be sent back ASAP if caught, to try again. I do not think he or an attack team would use Syrian Passport's, that will probably just be families that think they can join the refugee stream, and that really has ended after Paris. I would imagine a lot of Syrian paper work is being torn up and or burned. It will only take one or if shooters are needed 3 or 4 bad guys to get across, to cause the level of damage, that the Paris Attack did. They will attempt it is thought to link up with internal to the US supporters, if for nothing else a place to stay, and to get weapons and ammunition. Renting cars, is a good move in Europe, and crossing the non existent borders to hide the renters. This will be harder in the US, unless the supporters rent them, and then drive them down to pick up teams, or up, do not forget Canada has been used so far more than Mexico. Bottom line we need to keep out thinking these folks, as I teach in my Bomb Classes over the years, they are thinking of how to get us, if we are thinking how to stop them, my money is on US.
from CTI Consulting

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