Saturday, November 21, 2015

FBI: Officials taking report about ISIS threat seriously in Atlan

It is starting, now a threat in the USA, that is part of a 3rd party Anonymous Hacker group claiming they have uncovered a plot to attack a WWE event in Atlanta Ga. This not the first time Anonymous has been involved with forwarding threats from the internet. But for us in the Security Profession this is another threat we will have to deal with, how to evaluate threats like this will be an ongoing learning curve. At this point the FBI and the Georgia Department of the Homeland Security are taking it fairly seriously. I would use your normal bomb threat form to start evaluating the threat, and developing a response. But if that is not available, use the back of my business card reduced version. In any case dealing with this threat is probably one of many we will see in the near future. I suggest you work with your clients to dust off emergency plans two in particular Bomb Threat, to include suspect packages, and your Active Shooter plans. Make sure your blueprints are up to date to provide SWAT and other first responders, showing exits, any new build outs as well as power and utilities control points. Any receptionists or other folks that answer phones should be given a bomb threat briefings update and all employees should at minimum review an Active Shooter training video. There are a few on our blog that will work. Please keep reviewing the blog as CTI gets more on new threats they will appear there.
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