Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Here is a threat we have not talked about on the Russian Jet downing. Egypt does have both US and Russian built surface to air missile systems, One is a, The S-300VM "Antey-2500" (NATO reporting name SA-23 Gladiator\Giant) is a Russian anti-ballistic missile system. The system is designed to defeat short- and medium-range ballistic missiles, aeroballistic and cruise missiles, fixed-wing aircraft, as well as loitering ECM platforms and precision-guided munitions. This system can hit a plane like the Russian Jet with out a problem. Looking at what the Egyptians have, you can see over 20 different types of systems than could hit the jet. The Egyptian military is riddled with members that are also part of Jihadist Militant groups. If a small group took over one of the Egyptian systems, this is what could have happen. Stay tuned.

via CTI Consulting http://ift.tt/1Q8tlD4

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