Saturday, November 21, 2015

High tech sensors monitor Paris water supply sites to prevent chemical attacks

For the most part chemical attacks of major water systems are beyond the capabilities of even leading terrorist groups. They could make people sick, and if they targeted a city block or a hospital water supply perhaps could kill. No using the excess chlorine they have stockpiled could be far more dangerous to the citizens of France, it is a very powerful chemical weapons. The attack on the water system would be more effective if a cyber attack was launched. But I am not sure how sophisticated the French Water system is. But if it is under computer control than it could be a very attractive target, many security experts have worried about this type of attack in the US for years. China has built exact duplicates of our water treatment systems to help build their attack plans for our systems. But once again this maybe beyond a Terrorist capability. They would probably be better off attacking the waste water system, it is easier to do and can have devastating effect on a City. It would take a ton or more of a chemical to make it strong enough to really effect the water supply. Having terrorists drive up to the reservoir in trucks big enough to pull that off would probably be noticeable.
from CTI Consulting

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