Thursday, November 5, 2015

Home Defense Shooting Distances, and best cover positions

I keep getting this home diagram in an ad, so I will use it.

How you decide what you decide, is your opinion, all I ask is you think about it.  Most of the time people use what they train at.  So with that in mind the last time you went to a gun range, did you ever think about how you are standing and shooting.

You may want to think about getting down behind something and shooting over or around it.

Have you ever thought about if you had to use the weapon in your home, what the distance you would have to fire is.  In most homes not very far, so you may want to have an idea of what that distance is and practice at something around that distance,

Do you know what the size of your doorways are?  That normally is just slightly wider than the man shaped target you are shooting at.  Good frame of thought when practicing, the aggressor showing up in the door frame.  You situated behind something in your room, shooting over or around it.

You can practice removing your weapon from a holster, but when you get home practice getting it out of your night stand, or where ever you have it.  By the time you are going to shoot it should already be in your hand, with extra loads nearby and your cell phone already dialed into 911 and they are listening as well.  (this by the way tends to hurry the Police response)

Ok, with all that in mind, what are you going to do in your home?

By the way in your home is your position to shoot, going to put other family members in danger.  Not as big a point as you would think, but if you had options, not shooting with the Children's rooms in the line of fire, would be one to think about.  

There are a lot more things to think about, if you need more info, please call CTI or email us, we would be glad to help.


  1. This is great.I would set up an out side range shooting from a chair, bed , door way steps vehicles etc. From diferent usual rich you make folks think and you give great info

    1. Thanks that is what we do Mr. Mackey, right? Make people and clients think a little more. To many times the client buys the weapon and then goes to a range, stands there and pops off shots at a target. No problem, just think about what you actually will do it you have to use a weapon.

  2. Lira16hVictor LiraThe things that most people don't realize not to mention low visibility.Delete
    Rich RothRich RothGood point Mr. Victor Lira, two points come to mind, since it is your home you can position light to meet your needs, not the needs of the aggre… show moreDelete
    Rich Roth4mRich RothThis is a small home foot print, often in larger homes, we deal with clients ability to have fall back positions if or as an attack continues. … show moreDelete
    Victor Lira59sVictor LiraMy best thing is have the lights off and a firearm with a light capability, at close ditances there's no need to aim, although you have to train for that so you can blind him while firing from the hip so as to not present your face as a target. show lessDelete
    Rich RothnowRich RothIt is a point, if you are a shooter, having a light on the weapon, or near it could help. For most home defense folks, the gun is a new thing, so working it, maybe their best bet. But once again in shooting like this, opinions are going to be varied, not wrong or right by varied. The key is to be thinking about it, which obviously you are.