Friday, November 6, 2015

Interviewing skills need to always be honed and if possible improved, but it takes work

The concepts of conversation, interviews, and interrogations, often seem to get mixed together and confused, which in itself can be a valid questioning technique. But we just need to know where we are in the interaction. The defense will try and portray everything as an interrogation, I try and portray everything as a conversation. A good read on the subject is, Interviewing suspects:Practice,science,and future directions, by Saul M.Kassin*,Sara C.Appleby and Jennifer Torkildson Perillo at a John Jay College of Criminal Justice,NewYork,USA conference.
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Learning and keeping up with interview skills is a constant thing. Some follow the PEACE technique, others stay with the Reid technique, all are valid, but the Reid technique, seems to work better when you have a bit of authority behind you, in private practice, PEACE, or what I like to use, a modified cognitive interview technique, may work better for you.
The key is to keep learning. Here is another part of the John J piece.
Sometimes the terms‘interviewing’and‘interrogation’are recklessly tossed about as if synonymous and interchangeable.Yet at other times the terms are carefully chosen by courtroom advocates sparring in a semantic battle for the hearts and minds of judges and juries.

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