Saturday, November 28, 2015

Islamic State Radicalizes ‘Thousands’ in United States

There is a real need to understand Wahhabi's version of Islam. They where a warrior clan roaming the vast land mass we know now as Saudi Arabia, an Arab Prince wandering the area as well, wanted to stop all the infighting.but needed a consolidating group to bring everyone together. So the House of Saud and the Wahhabi sect made a deal, the House of Saud, ran the country's Government the Wahhabi ran the religious and educational parts of the Government. As the new country succeeded, there have been tensions between the Saudi family, the have and have not's the Princes in line with the thrown and those not. One way to keep this feud going is the second feud between the Government Rulers and the Religious clerics. A not in the line Prince can tell the Wahhabi clerics that he will back their moves to continue a more strict version of Islam. Or he can fund movements the clerics want funded. like ISIS or AQ, or other more strict, or what we call radical Islam. Back to the Main Saudi line and the Main Wahhabi sect, as the country became more successful they wanted to become more evangelical and the Saudi Government funds this movement. So this funding makes the Wahhabi version of Islam the one most promulgated around the world, as well as in Prisons and every Islamic School they are involved with. So the more moderate versions of Islam are subjugated by this much more radicalized version. The real bad news for the Saudi and other rulers in the region is that the ISIS and AQ and about 20 other very small sects have moved to a more radical stance than the Wahhabi, so they keep an unstable truce going on in the world. No Islamic ruler can stray very far from a strict version of Islam without drawing the wrath of the radical sects. Even refugees are passed quickly if Islamic countries feel they are too radicalized. So if you are a young or middle aged or older man even, that wants a religion that keeps women under your control, that guarantee's you get a wife that will stay with you or be killed if they stray, That promises you a life if you keep the faith to die as an important person. It is a good pull for a young man in his basement, or a man looking at a life that to him promises nothing. This is what we are facing, capitalism is our greatest strength, 80% of prison conversions world wide are to a Wahhabi version of Islam, in the USA fortunately a small but majority return to a non Islamic based life style. Radical Islam, like communism offer no real advancement of life style to all but a very small minority of its followers. The USA through Capitalism offers more than Islam can ever think to, and that is still a stronger pull. But requires a growing economy, which hopefully returns to the US.
from CTI Consulting

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