Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Mexico’s Bloodbath That Won’t Stop

As Terrorism rears it's ugly head around the world, please do not forget the terror going on in Mexico, People can claim anything they want, but it is only getting worse down in Mexico, and death rate is far beyond what in going on in Europe. Acapulco, has been decimated as a tourist town, cruse ships have all but ceased going there. We are hearing the same refrain it is only drug on drug violence, like we hear here on the border, but innocents are being killed. Policemen are being killed, yes some maybe bad, but if your only chance of survival is to work with a Cartel, or get killed by them, then it is a choice most of us would make. The Government is the crux of the problem, and as we are letting more and more refugee's into the US, our Government is the problem as well. The answer seems to be to every problem bring the people here, why not let the people stay in their homelands and the US Spend Half the money creating safe zones there. Places for people to work and live as they with our help turn their countries around. Mexico and Syria are facing the same problem, and the US needs to be part of the solution, but there not here. We have Chicago facing the same problems as Mexico as far as Gang Violence, or terror as it should be called. Where do we send those people, they are already here. Mr. President, Chicago is your home town, lead the country to a solution there, and then we can try parts of that solution in other countries, like Syria and Mexico, so the people can have their countries back. Five police commanders from Acapulco were assassinated between April and October of this year. The level of violence directed at the local cops is unprecedented in the city’s history, according to the Mexican investigative journalist and author David Espino. The Guerrero state prosecutor sets the overall number of gangland executions in Acapulco at 754 so far this year—an average of 2.3 per day. The tourist economy is a shambles: The magazine Proceso reports that a thousand businesses and 14 schools have closed due to violence, and cruise ships have all but ceased calling at the port.
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