Saturday, November 21, 2015

'Nearly impossible' to find jihadists among migrants, Greeks warn

Both sides of the Syrian Refugee issue are throwing around part truths and false truths. There is no doubt that we can not vet these people with the same strength we can in the US of our people, but then look at Snowden and the others that have made it through our vetting. But the other side says that the refugees have been vetted, that they are on data bases, and such. Much of this is true, they are on UN data bases made from virtually no fact. The vetting is more questioning and re-questioning, which done by the right people on the right people can be very effective and informative. But our proper and legal views get in the way, and people often are not really asked about religious views in a way that could expose any problems. Our PC values make a lot of us nervous to even attempt to look into the mind of another persons religion and the anti religious movement would poo poo any view that would even give a high spiritual value to a belief system. With that we are all sort of doomed to miss critical things when vetting these individuals, that have a basically different cultural and religious value system than ours. But remember the reason that all this came up is that ISIS taunted us with the thought they had infiltrated the Syrian Refugees and since we know this is possible we have come to the point we are now. Caution is the best option, but the fervor on both sides have made this difficult. Do know this, the bad guys are really key on making us look bad and will pull out all the stops on having a vetted refugee attack Americans, things like grabbing family members still in Country to force the hand of a vetted individuals. Things like offering a family what would be considered a life time of tithing for committing an act of martyrdom, like they do families of other suicide bombers in the world. As always they only need to get one through to make their statement true. We must make a decision that is based on our values with out knowing their values. Staying in refugee camps based on their cultures and customs, is often preferable to the refugee's than the upheaval of our value systems, I know that is hard for us Americans to get our heads around, but it is true.
from CTI Consulting

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